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Questions related to scheduling can be answered by calling the District Court Administrator's Office at Once a divorce complaint is filed, the case is randomly assigned to a judge by the District Court Adminstrator's Office.

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All petitions submitted after the filing of a divorce complaint must be filed in the Office of Judicial Support. A Petition for Special Relief will be forwarded by the District Court Administrator's Office to the assigned judge who will notify the litigants of a hearing date. A party seeking equitable distribution must refer to Delaware County Local Rule If you are not represented and need the services of an attorney you may contact the Delaware County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service at It is a serious process.

If you are undergoing the process of choosing a lawyer to represent you in divorce, you probably feel overwhelmed.

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You will not automatically know who to trust, who can obtain results, and who will make your best interest a first and foremost priority. This certification means that the lawyer has been examined by other lawyers and judges and given authority to perform the following tasks:.

As a Jacksonville divorce attorney, I am board-certified by the Florida Bar as an expert in divorce and family law. So what does this mean?

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This means that I have demonstrated a proficiency in these areas of law based on a full day-long examination that covered every aspect of these two legal areas. My experience and qualifications were scrutinized and then approved by a Florida Bar committee before I was able to take the exam. I also had to demonstrate a high level of experience.

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We offer easy-to-use, state-specific online divorce forms. Our forms are attorney-drafted, include detailed filing instructions and are available immediately after purchase.

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Additional information and links to resources on divorce in Pennsylvania may be found below. No spouse is entitled to commence an action for divorce or annulment under this part unless at least one of the parties has been a bona fide resident in this Commonwealth for at least six months immediately previous to the commencement of the action.

follow site Both parties shall be competent witnesses to prove their respective residence, and proof of actual residence within this Commonwealth for six months shall create a presumption of domicile within this Commonwealth. Read all of Section