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We have kept emailing Virgil and he is now not responding. We have also tried the phone numbers we have for him with no avail. In the meantime, the same seller has sold either four or five copies of the test press.

I guess this is kind of calling Virgil Dickerson out but we just want to get this resolved and were wondering if any other bands or people that have worked with him might have had a problem like this. As for beating a dead horse I had no idea. Sooooo basically we're fucked and should just start placing our bids on eBay? I think you're going to be met with the same reaction from just about anyone on here.

Good luck, wish you the best. Your issue with Virgil is just the tip of the iceberg. That previous statement is certainly NOT to reduce the importance of your situation at all but simply to illustrate that there has been extensive posting on this board from about a year or so ago about how badly Virgil had ripped many people off.

Its interesting to see that even until this day there are people who were not aware that they had even been screwed. In not so many words, yeah, pretty much. As much as it sucks, at this point in the game just chalk it up as a major loss. I don't what other recourses the other people, bands, and labels who are owed money to have taken to resolve anything. I've pretty much given up on ever seeing the final VCCoop release or my money back.

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Really unfortunate how all this VC shit ended. Yeah I mean atleast we're not out money or such it just sucks because most of us are seriously vinyl collectors and even the ones that aren't still want to have one of everything we've done just because it's our band.

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Can anyone direct me to old threads about this? Would love to read the other bullshit. He owes me a refund as well as a 7" from a auction at oldlp he hasnt responded in at least a month. Honestly there's so many complaints and topics etc. It's a huge, huge thing. So much ripping off.

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Because personally I'd be very receptive if a band member asked me for a test press I owned. This is nowhere near some of the other problems with him, but I won some records from theoldlp. I emailed him and he got back to me that day saying that he would send some more out I made my peace with that loss.

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He basically sold a shit ton of vinyl on the limited pressing site and every week were test presses from the UTI series, including some from that release. He may not even have any left. Good luck dude, he owes me a bit of money, not a ton and I already figure it as a loss, but whatever. Learn from your mistakes and don't let it happen again. I got screwed over by SH records as well. Not nearly for the amounts others on here were burned for, but I was promised in store credit, and some of my items to be shipped.

They never were, I was in fact even in email communication with a guy named Andy. But nothing ever materialized. And my issues simply arose from a few things I placed an order for were actually out of stock, but listed as in stock.

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I never got store credit or any of the items I paid for. They just kept my money. Man, I think I might be one of the few people who've had dealings with Virgil where he hasn't flaked out on stuff. You can post now and register later. Both Tim and Frank have new albums coming out this fall and this split 7" will serve as singles from both artists.

The 7" will be pressed in an edition of 2, copies on black vinyl VC Exclusive , 1, on Blue vinyl, and 1, on Red vinyl besides a handful of sets of all 3 colors, you will only be able to get the Red vinyl from Tim Barry, Frank Turner, or Epitaph.

YuppiePunk interviews Virgil Dickerson (Suburban Home Records / Vinyl Collective)

The 7" will come with an mp3 download coupon. There will be a test pressing contest that you can enter when you pre-order the 7". The 7"s will be available by this year's Revival Tour October 13th, Why is it that Frank can't just dish up an exclusive song for anything? I agree dude, it would me nice for an exclusive every now and then, especially on the UTI split. I thought that was the point of the series. Note though that this split 7" serves as a single so that is why it is a track from the album although it is a different version than what will be on the album.

Note everyone that this split is meant to be singles for both artists. We want everyone to be excited about the albums coming out. Gotta work all day Friday. I'll be bringing my computer to work in the hopes that somewhere in that awful mall there is wireless and that I'll be on break come 3 PM.

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