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And It will be more cheaper than checking a car in car service station.

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Save your time and your money! For the first check is enough the VIN only.

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The VINformer service is helpful for you for choosing a used car. The VINformer may be helpful also for insurance and bank underwriters, car experts, customs workers etc. We open to cooperation with your business! We are know very much about the VIN decoding and we have a good experience in this field because we do it since ! Our partners are adding our reports by information about car's history and car's options and our subscribers during some years trusts for VIN-decoder and use it on these websites and soft.

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You can decoding a frame for Japaneese cars and find out car's history by frame also. Have any questions?

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Read the FAQ. We started the new version of the VIN decoder! VINformer 7. It is faster, get more information. The new API for subscribers is available also!

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We are totally updated the website today! New navigation, new report design! The old version is available on old. We did it: the statistic of You did about Idea, programming and support — x0pek.

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Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I am interested in find out the service history for the car I'm considering.

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Is there a way to do it online? Would a BMW service department give me this info? Reply With Quote.

Originally Posted by M6BrokeMe. Join Date Feb Posts I assume you are not buying from BMW dealership given the age of the car. If you are really into this car you might as well pay for a PPI. If the buyer is unable to provide MX documentation you could offer to split the cost?


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Yes second the pre purchase inspection have the owner get the print out because it will all so show what options came with the car. Only warranty repair and free maintance work will appear on it. If he had Customer pay stuff he would have to have copy's of that work. And be slightly cautious of what the owner says or has said has been done to the car, paper work is key and don't buy a salvage title car.