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Under Remote Desktop , select Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop less secure. Once your username is underlined, click OK , then click OK again. You must also make a note of the computer's IP address. Go the Windows Start button. In the search text box type cmd.

How to Access Another Computer Using an IP Address |

Select the application cmd from the search results. In the data that returns, find the heading Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection. Under that heading, locate the item IPv4 address and copy down the digit number to the right which is the IP address. Example IP address: On the Start Menu , right-click on Computer and select Properties.

Steps pertain to settings on your office PC. Locate your office computer's IP address.

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  6. This opens a new window, shown at right. In this window, type ipconfig and press Enter.

    Connect to your server using Remote Desktop

    Write down your IP address , since you'll need this information when you connect from home. It will be four numbers, separated by periods, starting with ' Type Exit , then press Enter to exit the command prompt window.

    Available Packages

    Note : This concludes the steps taken on your office computer. The next steps are to be taken on the home PC.

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    • How do I set up Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10?.
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    You will need to log into VPN each time you make a remote connection from home, and disconnect when you are done. To install the VPN client program, go to the Lehigh VPN page and follow the installation and configuration instructions for your operating system. Before making a remote connection, launch and sign onto VPN. On the VPN window, click Connect.

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    A second window will open where you will enter your Lehigh credentials. Now that you're connected to the Lehigh network, you can move on to connecting to your office desktop. Enter your office computer's IP address from Step 5. Click Connect. Log in as normal on the Windows security screen.