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That Wolfgang had some children born in Bavaria including Wolfgang , 1 in Canada, and then others in Wisconsin.

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From the census records it looked as if they had perhaps gone originally gone to Canada 1 sibling was born there in the mid 's judging by the birthdates and then later to Wisconsin. I would be interested in any information you can provide. I am especially wanting to find out more about the link into Germany. Thanks, Richard J. Bauer, Jr. Am looking for any information on my great grandfather. He lived in Watertown in the mid 's. Served in the Civil War with the Wisconsin volunteers. He married Paulina Dudley in She was the daughter of Sarah and Anthony Dudley.

I have looked for documentation on their marriage but have come up empty. She was Catholic and he was Pros. Any information about my great grandparents would be appreciated. Anyone with any info on the Pisarek families who lived in Beaver Dam in the 's, 70's and 80's. Marys burned in and the court house in Juneau in Is there a genealogy club in Beaver Dam?

Need help ,I would love to research the area myself but Scottsdale is a long way from B D. Dawnee Phay McCulley. Her parents were William Sanborn and Mary Page. William was born November 18, in Wheelock, Vermont.

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From family letters, they say that "Squire William lived first in Wheelock, where he was a selctman and representative. He moved to Jefferson, Wisconsin where he became prominent in public affairs as County Treasurer, Chairman of the Board of Education, etc. I am also looking for information on William and Mary. I do not have death information on either. Judith Ann married William Kennedy in Wisc?? Vehlow home was located at Center St. Buried in?? Lutheran Cem. Looking for any records available on Anna Eliza Damuth , born , Palmyra.

Her full name at marriage to Charles Northup ,,Jackson Cty. I wonder if she was married 1st to a Deidel or her mother remarried a man named Deidel? Any information on Damuths ' from Palmyra? Thank You. I am looking for information about a Anton Hagel and Theresia Schouele sp? They emmigrated from Weurtemburg , Germany. I have found that Anton was involoved in the Census, in Jefferson Co. They were of Catholic origins in Germany but a couple of the Children migrated to Lutheran, and Presbyterian, and Methodist.

Iwould appreciate any and all info. I would gladly join you society also, either way as I have several other parts of my tree are from that area also. He was born in and died in He married a Mary Brennan in , i am interested in finding out if he had children with Mary. I was hoping there would be some way to find Sterling s or Margarets obits.

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Or if anyone knows how else I may be able to access that information. Child Eva Glendora Rich b. Thank you,. I would like any info regarding the history and ownership of "The Haven Motel" on Highway 12, thank you! Would like information on Dr. William F. Looking for more info on my ancestors in Dodge Co. Rowena was the daughter of Ambrose and Huldah Frost Powers, b. Charles B. Charles had a brother Henry and a sister Almira. They should show up on the census but I haven't found them yet.

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Hoping to find cemetery records, wills, land records etc. Powers in Dodge Co, and Moses B. Powers in Jefferson Co. Their three eldest children were John, Grace, and Robert. We are descended from John who eventually moved to Evanston ,Ill to work for the railroad. Grace married the Rev Thomas Hughes. Robert mined Gold in the Black Hills and died unmarried. After Jane died Evan married another Jane maiden name unknown and had several more children.

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I am interested in any information about Dr. Johann's son Ted owned an Ice Cream store in Jefferson.

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Will Wirig ran a laundry. Some are buried at the "Evergreen" Cemetary in Ft. Looking for any information on the Johann Schaar family of mayville dodge county WI. Schaar , Friedrich Schaar. Born in Norway Settled on banks of the Rock River. Had 10 children. MEDE emigrated to the U. He settled in Chicago about , but his whereabouts prior to that time are unknown.

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Is anything known about the man of record or his family that would help me determine if he was my relative. John migrated to Watertown in the mid 's from New York. She was the daughter of Anthony and Sarah Dudley.

My grandmother Anna Laura was born in Watertown in Need some documentation on their marriage and the birth of Annie. Paulina was Catholic and John was probably Dutch Reform. Looking for death record for Anna Dempsey d. June 20, and Cornelius Dempsey d. Trying to find people with the surname kepke in poland. These families moved to Illinois in Thank you Margaret. Looking for leads in finding marriage records or any data on a J.

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I think they married in Jefferson Co, but I never found record of their marriage. His name may have been Julius Giles Sargent. He used the name Giles Sargent. The surname was sometimes spelled Sergent or Sergeant in the earlier days and spelled Sargent today.